The Peep

Issue Six


By Haarala Hamilton

Our contributor this month is Haarala Hamilton, a photographic duo who specialise in capturing food, people and places. They are responding to the theme of Audience set by Franki Goodwin. 

Liz Haarala and Max Hamilton met at university and spent many hours in the dark room together, eventually deciding that two pairs of eyes were better than one and started working professionally as a team.

Based in South London but working all over the world, they have photographed campaigns for a range of clients including Carluccio’s, Shelter and GAIL’s. They have also been featured in numerous magazines including Boat magazine, Huck and OFM.

Haarala Hamilton

The whole world is an audience now thanks to social media apps like Instagram. In our work, we spend a lot of time in the studio photographing different projects that we can’t share with anyone for weeks.

As image makers, we find a need to be part of Instagram and to provide something for our tiny audience. Since we can’t always be somewhere exotic or exciting, we try and create images that please and humour us.

This photograph is an example of that, a silly idea that came from buying a small plastic hand and messing about with the food stylists we were working with. We thought it was interesting enough to share, even if it only pleased an audience of two.