The Peep

Issue Two


By Anna Whitaker

For our contributor this month we wanted to find the perfect contrast to Alex and Will last month. We were lucky enough to get Anna Whitaker, a super creative copywriter. Anna has worked with the likes of Gail’s Artisan Bakery, Rowntrees, and Nandos. But most recently she founded ToyDrop, an ethical toy company. Anna’s work always has a wonderfully thoughtful but playful quality to it. So here is Anna’s response to Balance. 

Anna Whitaker: As a copywriter, I’m often briefed with a few key words and asked to create a brand world that tells a story, answers questions and conjures up emotions to sell the ideal. But since launching my own small toy shop, I’ve started to ask myself more. What does ‘the ideal’ really mean? For me, it’s balance. It’s why I launched ToyDrop in the first place; to trade ad agency hours for time with my family and start my quest for the illusive work/life dream. But it’s also the thinking behind the brand itself. This collaboration with The Peep was the perfect excuse to develop a piece that tells our story and explores the theme of balance in a way that’s relevant to the modern parent. I’ve done this for a million different brands, in a million different ways* but doing it for my own feels like the biggest challenge so far. Here we go… *a million is a slight exaggeration.

Anna Whitaker

Portrait by illustrator Julia Hermansson