The Peep

Issue Four


By John Offenbach

Joining us for July’s issue and responding to the theme of Bravery, set by Chris Wilson of Scriberia, is Photographer John Offenbach.

Based in London but working all around the world, John has photographed huge campaigns for a diverse range of clients including American Airlines, Volkswagen and Levi’s.

John has also published his first book, Architecture, and exhibited personal work at C99 gallery, London. With the theme of bravery in mind he has also successfully swum across the English Channel and around Manhattan, in a team of four swimmers raising money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Portrait by Hiffy Ulrich
Instagram and Etsy

“This portrait is part of a series I have been working on depicting different people from all walks of life, and across the globe. This one, of Vish, was taken while I was in a studio in Tel Aviv in Israel. Vish was born male, but this was the first official portrait of her as a woman. She was incredibly nervous, more so than anyone I had ever photographed. This picture for her would be loaded with meaning, about her future, the past, expectations and fulfillments. It was a confirmation, that recorded a point in her life, where she wanted to be, with the choices she had made. I felt that she was incredibly brave.”