The Peep

Issue One


By Alex Green and Will Bunce

Experimentation with different materials play a big part in Alex’s work and he uses anything he can lay his hands on to create fun graphic illustrations. Recently he has also been branching out into the worlds of ceramics, and larger scale murals, Alex’s work isn’t just confined to print and digital. Originally from Leeds he is now working from his studio in east London for clients like Breddo’s Tacos and Radio Alice. Alex’s work feels so off the cuff and instantaneous, and definitely full of energy, however it always strikes the balance between low-fi and well thought through design. He’s just making this stuff look too easy!

Will Bunce is also based in London specialising in still life photography. His work ranges from more experimental projects like ‘Weight’, a collaboration with set designer Tara Holmes. To more commercial projects like his work for Esquire and Evening Standard magazine. All have a very sculptural feeling to them, meticulous in feel, but with a slightly surreal edge that makes his work so intriguing. With two such different seeming creatives coming together we have been really excited to share what they have come up with in response to ‘Positioning’.

Will Bunce

Alex Green

Portrait by illustrator Mitch Forsyth

‘Odd’ A series of images focussing of imperfect perfection.

We wanted to take the once loved, everyday item, that has now become perished and useless, and reposition it, give it one last lease of life. Immortalised, frozen in time. Our collaboration gave us chance to think about how we perceive design, art, fashion, objects, relationships, the world around us. Sometimes its very easy to just view all this from a far. We wanted to look closer. Look under the skin of this throwaway object, and reveal the beauty thats not so obviously there. This beauty isn’t about symmetry but highlighting those imperfections that in their own way are imperfectly perfect.