The Peep

Issue Five


By Franki Goodwin

Our contributor this month is Franki Goodwin, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi London and Exec Producer at Western Edge Pictures. Franki is responding to the theme of Space, set by photographer John Offenbach. 

Franki leads an amazing double life in London working between her different roles. Before last week, she hadn’t painted since high school…

I had this empty space.

1.2 metres wide, 80 cm high. A pretty big space.

An unusual shape. Tall, thin. Or long and wide – depending on how you look at it.

It’s been empty for 5 years. A space taking up space.

I moved house, the space came too, quietly mocking me. “Why are you carrying around an empty space?”, it said. “You’ll never fill it.”

I don’t make things just to fill space. I answer briefs. I tell stories. I fill other people’s spaces – the ones in cinemas, on TV, on phones and billboards. And these things have to work really hard to then fill a space in a person’s day, to fill column inches, and hopefully sometimes land a message in a space in their brain. For a little while anyway.

And then The Peep asked me to create something on the theme of space. And I decided to use this as a brief to myself. Just fill the space. Your space. With space.

I moved colour and shapes around in the space until I thought I liked it enough to look at it for a long time. And then I painted it onto a piece of wood, and now it’s on my wall.

Title: Space.

For the space in my life.