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Plaey Workshop collaborate with Hot Chip to make a limited edition Record Dolly


In an exciting collaboration, Yorkshire based furniture designer Plaey Workshop have teamed up with English synth-pop band Hot Chip, to make a Record Dolly in celebration of Hot Chip’s new album release ‘A Bath Full of Ecstasy’.

Plaey Workshop design and make modern, affordable modular furniture that combines form, function and a sense of fun. There’s a reason they say ‘make’, not ‘manufacture’; it’s because the act of creating, and seeing where their curiosity takes them, is what they live for. ‘Each piece is a celebration of simplicity that belies the craft, rigour and countless hours that went into it. Every detail, every line, every material has earned its place through countless iterations until it’s perfect.’ Matt Kelly from Play Workshops tells The Peep. ‘They appeal to people who share their passion for great design and a belief that furniture can be an extension of their personality. They know that a home should have character, a workplace should inspire and the way to make any space warmer is to embrace your playful side.’

With this collaboration, Plaey’s Record Dolly design is flooded with the colourful album artwork by Jeremy Deller and Fraser Muggeridge Studio. Simple, playful and fun – the dolly is designed to be a companion to your record collection, housing a selection of approx 40 favourite and ‘currently listening to’ records.

There will be an initial release of 30 limited edition Hot Chip X Plaey Record Dolly’s to pre-order through the Plaey Workshop webshop.

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