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In the studio: Lorna Singleton photographed by Thom Atkinson


Lorna selecting a taw to weave

Lorna Singleton is a basket weaver who lives and works in Cumbria, UK. Her workshop is an old bobbin mill on the River Sprint near to Kendal.

The location is key to her work as she needs to river for soaking her material she tells The Peep. She has been working there for over 6 years now and particularly enjoys being part of the community, ‘My sister lives next door and I often dognap her dog for a walk and some pondering time. I have lots of close friends in the neighbourhood, one lady on a neighbouring farm used to make swills over 30 years ago, others have a coppice wood, and there’s lots of gardeners about. I work on my own most of the time and lived alone for a lot of those years so its really important to have people nearby to have a brew, lunch and a chat.’

Oak swill baskets are a critically endangered craft that is specific to South Cumbria and Lorna has been making them for 9 years. To see more of her work, visit her Instagram.

All photography by Thom Atkinson. Visit his website here.

Dipping the swill strips in the river

Stool and Shavehorse

A Knocker

The office

A Froe

Oak fluff

A Bodkin

Shaping spelks on the shavehorse using a drawknife

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