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Artist Dragica Carlin's dynamic paintings capture the energy and movement of swirls


Two Swirls, Series 2, Oil on Canvas, 84cm x 112cm

London-based artist Dragica Carlin creates abstract paintings of tonal swirls that capture energy and light as they unfold. ‘Swirls hold a symbolic connotation – there is a universal quality to them and as such, they are somewhat timeless and formless motif. They come and go, captivating our perceptions of them even when they are motionless.’ she tells The Peep.

‘Painting is a continuous conversation with the outside world,’ she says, ‘my thoughts are directed by the physicality of paint, it’s properties and light. The paintings emerge out of the intensity of colours and pigments that I use, it’s thickness, translucency, lightness or darkness.’

For Dragica, mixing the paint is an intuition, ‘it is not possible to predict how colours would relate to one another, sometimes the most extreme hues balance with the movement of my brush, and at other times, they don’t.  My process is intense.’

To see more of Dragica’s work, visit her website.

Orange Swirls, Oil on Canvas, 100cm x 100cm (39,37″x39,37)

Blues, Series 4, Oil on Canvas, 150m x 250cm, 2018

Five Swirls, Oil on Canvas,190cm x 160cm or 74.82″ x 62.99″

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