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Illustrator Lucie Sheridan's latest venture offers quick, while-you-sit 'Rubbish Portraits'


Lucie Sheridan is an illustrator and printmaker based in Bristol, England who has been commissioned by clients such as Conran, Heals and Ohh Deer.

Her latest venture, Rubbish Portraits, is a live art experience that offers quick while-you-sit portraits – they’re not rubbish but actually very good! It’s her version of the familiar photo booth, but much more exciting and unique. ‘It looks and feels just like a typical photo booth, however when you slide the curtain and enter the booth, you see me instead of a reflection of yourself.’ Lucie tells The Peep.

Lucie had been drawing at corporate events and parties, making Rubbish Portraits when she spotted an opportunity to turn it into an experience. ‘At the beginning of this year, my Dad and I decided I needed to package what I was doing and build a booth. I came up with a simple design, then a furniture maker helped me build my portable booth.’

The photo booth design has caused some surprises for a few visitors though, ‘at a festival, late at night, two guys entered my booth, they had a little tiff about how to make the booth work and scrambled around a little before looking up at me and “yelped” – I wish I had a video of the whole thing, it was so funny!’

To find out more about Rubbish Portraits, visit Lucie’s website and Instagram.

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