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6 iconic creative couples


Our most recent issue of the journal featured photographic duo Liz Haarala and Max Hamilton (aka Haarala Hamilton) responding to the theme audience.

To celebrate our latest issue, we are taking a look some of art and design history’s most famous and interesting pairs. Read on to learn more about 6 of the most iconic creative couples.

Charles and Ray Eames
Arguably the most iconic creative couple, The Eameses are among the most important designers of the 20th century. They are best known for the contributions to architecture and furniture design, most notably with the design of the Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman.

Charles and Ray Eames posing with chair bases © Eames Office LLC

Dorothea Tanning and Max Ernst
Dorothea Tanning and Max Ernst first met at a party at a gallery in 1942. Although both artists were pioneers in the Surrealist movement, the pair never spoke about art.

Max Ernst & Dorothea Tanning, New York, 1947 © The Irving Penn Foundation

Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore
Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore met while studying sculpture at St. Martins School of Art in 1967. ‘It was love at first sight,’ said George in an interview with The Telegraph. The couple are known for their distinctive and formal appearance, as well as their brightly colour graphic style artworks.

Light Headed, 1981 © Gilbert & George

Hilla and Bernd Becher
Photographers Hilla and Bernd Becher met when they were students. Their work focused on industrial architecture; they were fascinated by how similar in shape water towers, gas tanks and factories were. Their work has considerable impact on minimalism and conceptual art.

Bernd and Hilla Becher © Interfoto/Alamy

Josef and Anni Albers
Josef and Anni Albers met in 1922 at the Bauhaus. Josef was a teacher, writer, painter and colour theorist, best known for this Homages to the Square paintings. Anni was a textile designer, weaver, writer and printmaker who’s work repositioned fabric as an art form. Although both were among the leading pioneers of 20th century modernism, they never collaborated on art.

Anni and Josef Albers photographed at home by Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1968. Photo © Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos

Marina Abramovic and Ulay
Together performance artists Marina Abramovic and Ulay created many iconic works of art. When the couple decided to part ways in 1988, they marked the occasion with ‘The Great Wall Walk’ a performance piece in which they started at separate ends of The Great Wall of China and met in the middle to say goodbye.

Marina Abramović, The Artist is Present, 2010, New York, Abramović LLC. Marina Abramović Archives Sean Kelly, New York. Credit: Photography by Marco Anelli.

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