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RCA graduate Hojung Kim's ceramics combine tradition with elegance


Artist and Royal College of Art graduate Hojung Kim uses ceramics to explore the relationship between colours, community and material investigation.

During her studies at RCA, Hojung has applied a mixture of traditional craft techniques and industrial methods to create objects which invoke a sense of elegance.

Her vessels create an awareness of the space in which they sit and their relationship to one another, through the movement of colours within a variety of forms. Whilst studying at the RCA, Hojung has discovered how material exploration and investigation of different production processes can ignite a project, “It is in this manner that I developed the surface qualities of these vessels; which explore movement and harmony – colours drift across the forms.” she says. “The world is unfathomably diverse consisting of many cultures each with unique habits and traditions. This collection aims to capture something of this diversity through the touch of the maker’s hand, colours and clay.”

You can see more of Hojung’s work on her website and Instagram.

All photographs by Alick Cotterill.

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