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Lou Fitzgerald uses playful illustrations to talk about fungus


Throughout her time studying illustration at Norwich University, sustainability and nature became a big part of Lou’s work.

Her latest project, ‘The Mushroom Collection’, was inspired by plant science and a fungus called mycelium which grows in the soil and makes mushrooms. Fungus enthusiasts and plant scientists are exploring new ways that this white fluffy like bacteria can be adapted to create biodegradable and sustainable products from packaging to furniture.

Inspired by shapes and colours of mushrooms, Lou designed a collection of textile products (a kind of sustainable starter kit) which includes a set of produce bags, a tote and lunch bag. ‘My aim for this project was to spread the word of how cool fungus is by using playful characters and colour while also adding to the ongoing conversation of our impact on the environment and importance of sustainable living!’ Lou tells The Peep.

For further reading on mycelium, Lou recommends researching Ecovative Design and Myco Works.

Explore more of Lou’s work on her website and Instagram.

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