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Cook books, Solange and My Talking Pet: Top 10 with textile artist Kate Jenkins


This week we put our Top 10 questions to Brighton based textile artist Kate Jenkins, who recreates vegetables, cakes and other favourites foods in wool. We recently featured Kate’s work on our website (take a look here) so were eager to find out more about her and her career.

Here are her Top 10 answers:

My favourite place to be is
In my studio. My partner calls it the ‘Laboratory’ as I am always in there experimenting with ideas and concepts. It has all my favourite books installed one corner and everything I could possibly need when I am creating including yarns and sequins sourced from all over the world. I travel frequently and love finding new places to visit and get inspiration from but I always long to get back into my studio to try out news things.

My favourite object is
An old knitting shop sign which I swapped with a friend for one of my crocheted artworks a few ago and it sits pride of place in my living room.

The last museum/exhibition I visited was
Casa Vicens in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is considered to be one of the first buildings of Art Nouveau and was the first house he designed. I absolutely loved it there even though there was a torrential downpour when we arrived.

I am currently reading
The Ottolenghi Simple Cookbook. I really love reading cooks books as they provide me with endless inspiration for my work plus obtaining great recipes for me to cook for my family and friends

I am currently watching
I’m just about to go and see the new Quentin Tarrantino movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — very excited as he is one of my favourite directors.

I am currently listening to
Solange’s new album ‘When I Get Home.’ I always have music on in my studio when I’m working as it helps me to focus and I hate silence.

My favourite app is
At the moment it’s ‘My Talking Pet’ where you can upload an image of your pet in my case it’s Lottie my 16 year old Jack Russell and record your voice and you can animate the image so it looks as if your pet is talking…. it’s provided me and all my family with hours of entertainment!

The last restaurant I went to was
Riddle and Finns on Brighton Beach and I had a Keralan Fish Curry. I always order the same dish each time I go as it is my absolute favourite restaurant in Brighton.

My dream project would be
I don’t have a dream project as I tend to get an idea and just create it anyway!

My favourite thing about my job is
I’m never bored.

To see more of Kate’s work, visit her website and Instagram.

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