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Corita Kent, Orange is the New Black and augmented reality: Top 10 with creative director Chris Wilson


This week we asked our Top 10 questions to Chris Wilson co-founder and creative Director of Scriberia.

Scriberia is a visual communication agency that helps brands tell their stories and communicate their ideas in the often daunting visual world. They are in the business of boiling down ideas to their simplest form, turning them into something that everyone can understand.

Here are Chris’ Top 10 answers:

My favourite place to be is
In my new kitchen. It has a huge window that looks out into the garden so i get a great view of the comings and goings of all the neighbourhood foxes.

My favourite object is
An oil painting of Robert Burns my wife bought for me. 

The last gallery/museum/exhibition I visited was
The Corita Kent exhibition at the house of illustration

I’m currently reading
Unflattening by Nick Sousanis. It’s a graphic novel about how visual information can shape our understanding of the world.

I’m currently watching
Orange is the new black. The Boys. Community

I’m currently listening to
Japanese Television. You should too.

My favourite Instagram account is

The last restaurant I went to was
Le Cafeteria in Walthamstow. 5 stars. Would recommend.

My dream project would be
A visual thinking augmented reality guide for the British Museum.

My favourite thing about my job is
Every day is different. Our job is to make complex subjects understandable so every day we’re trying to wrap our heads around incredibly knotty problems. For example, just this week we are working on an animation about sustainable building practices, illustrations about breakthroughs in diabetes medication, a mural about the digital journey of the Financial Times and another mural for ZSL explaining the story of the endangered Scimitar Oryx. A fairly typical week for us really.

Find out more about Scriberia here.

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